About us

The company was founded by the throttle bodies department of an historical company in Bologna.

We focused on quality, with investments in high-tech tools and in 2008 the new management decided to move into a new plant. We have kept on investing in technologies and automation to achieve the permanent goal of "continuous improvement".

With the help of 7 qualified technicians, it follows the customer in a real co-design, the design and implementation from the 3D model to 2D drawings, the design and conconstruction of processing equipment, clamping and machining tools and related machining part programs. 

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Panmeccanica Srl

Via Giacomo Brodolini, 14 - 16- 18, 40069 - Zola Predosa (Bologna)


Reg. Imprese: BOLOGNA R.E.A 224312

P.I. 00518431200

CAP. SOC. € 200.000 i.v. 

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From Monday to Friday

8:30 am - 6:00 pm

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